Our Services

about-usThe center is equipped with latest instruments. To operate these sophisticated gadgets, our center have an efficient, Knowledgeable, qualified and dedicated staff. The technical staff is constantly motivated to produce good results and uphold quality assurance. Patient preparation, test queries and interpretive consultation is provided by the experts personally. Janta Diagnostic Centre Has set up diagnostic centres in strategic locations offering comprehensive services in order to provide diagnostic aid at patient’s doorstep. Our centres are managed by qualified, experienced personnel offering state of the art facility in the fields of Pathology, Radiology, and Cardiology. We offer wide range of tests with high quality.

Facilities available with us:-

Our radiology department is well equipped viz . COMPUTERIZED RADIOGRAPHY SYSTEM.

X-RAYS: We provide wide range of x-rays with a good quality images.

SPECIALISED INVESTIGATION: Barium study, Intravenous pyelogram (IVP) & Micturating cystouretrogram (MCU), Hyserosalpinogogram ( HSG).

We provide range of ultrasounds like Obstertric , Antenatal fetal wellbeing , Level II, Biophysical profile, Whole abdomen , KUB, Prostate, Follicular studies , Parts like Orbits, Testis , Thyroid, Salivary glands, Eyes, Breasts and many other.

COLOR DOPPLERS: We provide range of COLOR DOPPLERS like Obstertric, Antenatal fetal well being , Level II, Biophysical profile, Whole abdomen, KUB, Prostate, follicular studies, Parts like Orbits, Testis, Thyroid , Salivary glands, Eyes, Breasts and many other.

Patients can avail more than 1000 tests, both routine & highly specialized. Our laboratory is designed to handle large volume of samples efficiently and effectively, allowing for delivery of high quality, rapid services thus maintaining highest customer satisfaction levels. Different range of laboratory tests are conducted daily covering various fields viz.

Hematology, Microbiology, Serology, Biochemistry, clinical Pathology. All laboratory tests are conducted under strict supervision and quality control.

In CARDIOLOGY we are performing: ECG, Echocardiography